Supplemental Report on Reform of ISDS

Following the submission of the CIDS Report on the reform of ISDS in June 2016, the CIDS prepared a Supplemental Report for UNCITRAL in the context of the ongoing discussions on a possible reform of ISDS. The Supplemental Report explores the composition of international adjudicatory bodies and seeks to identify the issues that could arise in this respect if States were to consider setting up a permanent or semi-permanent body for the settlement of investment disputes.

Reform of ISDS: Roadmap for the design of a permanent investment tribunal and an appeal mechanism

This research paper seeks to analyze whether the Mauritius Convention on Transparency could provide a useful model for broader reform of the investor-State arbitration framework. To this end, it proposes a possible roadmap that could be followed if States were to decide to pursue a reform initiative aimed at replacing or supplementing the existing investor-State arbitration regime in international investment agreements with a permanent investment tribunal and/or an appeal mechanism for investor-State arbitral awards.

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The Impact of Investment Arbitration on Governance

This projects attempts to shed light into the impact on governance of investment arbitration, in particular looking at the cases of Argentina, Czech Republic, India and Mexico.

The Geneva Internet Disputes Resolution Policies 1.0

Born as a result of an international conference that took place at the University of Geneva on 17-18 June 2015, this project offers a set of policy proposals on selected legal topics related to Internet disputes. These proposals are conceived as work in progress to be discussed and improved through a process of broad consultations and inclusive participation. For further information, please see